Prince Philip was apparently fascinated by aliens and UFOs

Prince Philip was apparently fascinated by aliens and UFOs

Prince Philip was fascinated by UFOs, apparently.

A book by biographer Philip Eade says the Duke of Edinburgh “was a long time subscriber to a British quarterly called Flying Saucer Review… and exchanged regular letters with Timothy Good, a ufologist (?!) and author.”

In one letter, Philip wrote that there are “many reasons to believe that [extraterrestrials] exist.”

Today, Prince Philip’s funeral will take place with 30 mourners, bands and a military escort. It comes a week after he died, aged 99.

Following his death, people and publications alike have shared information about the duke’s life, with some paying tribute to him and others remembering controversial comments he made in the past.

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And as more information about his personality emerges, his interest in potential alien life forms may come as a surprise to some.

The book adds the late prince asked his assistant to “invite several people to Buckingham Palace to talk about their extraterrestrial encounters”.

Philip is said to have discussed his thoughts on the matter with Sir Peter Horsley, who later became the deputy commander-in-chief of the Royal Air Force Strike Command. Shortly after the Queen’s coronation, he reportedly encouraged Horsley to look into any credible accounts of alien encounters or UFO sightings.

“Prince Philip was open to the immense possibilities leading to space exploration, while at the same time not discounting that, just as we were on the fringe of breaking into space, so older civilizations in the universe might already have done so,” Horsley said, according to Eade. 

The duke also kept books on UFOs and aliens in his library, reportedly.

It takes all kinds to make a world. Or a universe.

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