TikTokers called ‘trashy’ after faking marriage proposal to get free drinks

TikTok video of fake proposal
TikTok video of fake proposal
Courtesy of @scandyyland TikTok

Recorded viral marriage proposals are pretty heartwarming always worth retweet - but what happens when a proposal turns out to be one big sham?

Social media will gladly call you out, as is the case of one TikToker.

Shelbi, who goes by the username scandyyland on TikTok, got millions of views earlier in the year after posting a proposal video which she captioned as "your sign to have a fake proposal with a random guy you meet at the bar."

The video, taken in a busy venue, shows two people near the bar before a young man gets down on one knee.

Onlookers soon noticed what appeared to be a proposal, and they celebrate the happy couple's engagement with smiles and exuberant hand claps.

But it seems the pair barely even know each other.

Shelbi appeared to have a friend involved in this fake proposal as she explained that the guy in the video was someone they met at 'Texas Live' the previous evening. All of them came together to execute the fake proposal scheme.

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But why do it? Well, being showered with attention and free drinks was a clear upside.

In reaction to the fake event, the TikToker said people they didn't even know “got so hype about it and made it so fun."

People were waving and clapping in congratulations, and even bartenders were excited as they handed out drinks to toast the special moment. The scene in the video that depicts this explains that the group 'got free drinks for the rest of the night.'

"And we got free drinks for the rest of the night.\u201d“And we got free drinks for the rest of the night.”

Alas, the video ended up on Reddit’s ‘trashy’ forum, where many called out the plan. Others pointed out the lack of Covid precautions: "I'm sorry, but really? No masks, really?"

However another user didn't see the issue, saying they’d been inspired: "We're doing this every time we go partying."

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