Passenger says cabin crew 'hated' him for not moving seats for a honeymoon couple

Passenger says cabin crew 'hated' him for not moving seats for a honeymoon couple
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A man refused to move seats on a plane to accomodate a couple on their honeymoon and was left feeling like a "villain".

Writing on Reddit, the unnamed man explained that he was on a plane and had secured a window seat.

"Beside me was a lady who is the wife of the guy on the seat in the middle row," he wrote in the resurfaced thread.

"Apparently they are newlyweds and they want to be seated together.

"They asked me if they can change seats with me to which I politely refused and gave them my reasons. One of the reasons was my size and aisle traffic," he continued.

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"I always get bumped by someone when I am on the aisle seat. One time, my elbow was badly hurt because the trolley hit me. I [have] avoided the aisle seat ever since.

The man was on the second of three flights and "wanted to sleep and relax".

He continued: "The other guy who is seated with the husband tried to persuade me to change seats to making a scene as if I was the scrooge in the couple's honeymoon.

"I didn't budge and all the people around me, including the crew, looked like they hate me. Am I wrong to refuse changing my seat?"

People said the man was in the right.

One said: "You booked your seat specially. Sucks to be them but not your problem."

Another sympathised with his situation and wrote: "I always get aisle seats because of flying anxiety and had a mom/daughter ask me to trade seats so they could sit together which would have put me in a center seat.

"They were so p**sed when I politely explained why I wouldn’t move. I don’t get why people can’t reserve the seats they want - is it they are cheaping out and relying on other people to switch with them?"

And a third said: "Most flights have seat selection, it’s on them if they didn’t book in time or didn’t seat themselves next to each other."

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