Identical twins with same fiancé are trying to get pregnant at the same time

Identical twins with same fiancé are trying to get pregnant at the same time
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Identical twins Anna and Lucy Decinque are definition of inseparable; they talk the same, wear matching outfits, and even shower together as well as share the same fiancé.

Now, the world’s "most identical twins" want to take their likeness to the next level as they have been trying to get pregnant at the same time with their shared fiancé, Ben Byrne, in order to experience motherhood together.

The 37-year-old twins from Perth, Australia are best known for their appearance on TLC's Extreme Sisters and have revealed the fertility struggles they have faced at attempting to both get pregnant simultaneously.

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In the latest episode called "Wombmates," Anna and Lucy decided to get some practice at being mums by looking after baby dolls (who were of course dress identically) for now and also took them out in public.

“We’ve decided we want kids now,” they said. “We’ve had some trouble trying to get pregnant, so this [the baby dolls] is the next best thing.

“Our dream is to be pregnant together at the same time."

Anna, Lucy and Ben out and about with the baby dolls to practice parenthood YouTube/TLC

The twins decided they wanted to have children back with Ben back in 2021 and have been open about their fertility journey in previous episodes of the TLC show.

'We've never taken a pregnancy test before. It really is magical how a stick can confirm you are pregnant," they said at the time.

'We're 35 years old. We've decided we want kids now."

In an episode, both of them claimed they are "in sync with everything," including ovulation, as they tried to conceive for the first time.

“We learnt from the internet that when your temperature goes up you’re ovulating," Lucy said,

"We're the three degrees up. We are ovulating, we are exactly the same,' the two of them exclaimed.

That's when Ben was called into the room, and the clip then cuts to a scene of the twins with their legs up against the wall, as a way to supposedly help with fertilisation.

"It's definitely going to be a challenge to get them both pregnant at the same time," Ben, 40, admitted.

"It's definitely a lot of pressure for one guy. It's a matter of multi-tasking, I guess."

Anna and Lucy have been dating Ben since 2011, and got engaged in 2021 - however Australia doesn't allow polygamy so the trio will need to get married outside of Australia in a country where the practice is legal.

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