'Wanderlove' is the next biggest dating trend this summer

'Wanderlove' is the next biggest dating trend this summer
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The summer season is here and with Euro summer hotspots on our doorstep, British singletons are heading on holiday for a summer romance.

This move has been coined as ‘Wanderlove’ by the dating app Bumble, it has conducted research on this topic and discovered that the majority (53 per cent*) of people on the app are hoping for a holiday romance this summer.

But where at the go-to destinations for summer 2023?

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For those looking for looking for a Summer spark, the top five destinations people on Bumble are travelling to are*:

  1. Greek Islands (Santorini, Rhodes, Hydra)
  2. Balearic Islands, Spain (Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera)
  3. Paris, France
  4. Amalfi Coast, Italy
  5. Lisbon, Portugal

Whether you’re heading to Europe or further afield this Summer, people on Bumble can use Bumble’s Travel Mode feature to match with people at their destination before they travel.

This could be particularly useful for solo travellers, as Bumble’s research has found that almost a third (30 per cent) use dating apps to meet new people when travelling alone and over half (52 per cent) agree that dating abroad is a fun way to learn about a new culture.

Summer and being abroad not only gives people the opportunity to experience a new culture, but some people are actually more confident dating abroad.

Maybe it's the summer sunshine or being abroad exploring somewhere new that gives people more dating confidence as more than half (53 per cent) say that they feel more attractive when they are on holiday, and are more attracted to people from different places (21 per cent).

However, it’s no secret that communication is key when it comes to dating, with language being a barrier to finding a romantic connection with someone whilst abroad.

People on Bumble can use Bumble’s Travel Mode feature to match with people at their destinationiStockphoto by Getty Images

Bumble’s research shows that over a third (35 per cent ) of Gen Z and millennials have felt embarrassed when they’ve been flirted with in a local language on holiday but couldn’t understand them.

While over a fifth (21 per cent) admitting they’ve tried and failed to ask someone on a date in the local language whilst abroad**.

To help daters build confidence in flirting whilst abroad, Bumble has worked with expert linguist Natalie Braber, who has provided her top tips for navigating dating in different countries.

“Travelling abroad is an exciting opportunity to open your mind to new experiences. Language can be a big part of this and can be a fun way to immerse yourself in local culture," Braber said.

"Trying to learn short phrases or words can help break down the language barrier when dating or meeting people from another country, whilst also showing interest and willingness which can be an attractive quality.

She added: "Try not to worry about getting phrasing and articulation perfect, and enjoy the process of trying something new”.

Natalie’s tips for finding a connection with someone when you don’t speak the same language are:

  • Learn the basics - Try to learn a few basic phrases of the country you are travelling to, such as “how are you” or “it’s nice to meet you”. These small sentences go a long way in showing your date that you’re open and willing to immerse yourself in their culture.
  • Immerse yourself: If you really want to go the extra mile to impress and build connections with people in their local language, try and immerse yourself in the language before you travel. Listening to foreign radio, podcasts and watching local TV can help you pick up phrases to use when you arrive.
  • Perfection isn’t necessary - When travelling abroad and trying to speak the local language, nobody is expecting you to do this perfectly. If you’re dating or meeting new people, they shouldn’t judge you and should appreciate the effort you’re making.
  • Vocal language isn’t the only language - Whilst we mainly communicate with our voices, body language is just as important, particularly when communicating abroad. To help build rapport, make sure to use hand gestures and clear facial expressions to help avoid any miscommunication.,

*Research was conducted by Bumble using internal polling in June 2023 with a sample of 5,610 Bumble users around the world, including 529 from the UK.

**Research was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Bumble with a sample of 1,023 respondents in the UK who are actively dating, or have had a holiday romance in the past, aged 18+

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