A comedian issued a hilarious takedown after subjects pulled out of a male birth control study

There was considerable disappointment after the news that a promising study of male birth control injections had been halted because of 'intolerable' side effects.

The study, which appeared in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, reported that the "risks to the study participants outweighed the potential benefits".

The 320 men who participated in the research reported 1,491 adverse events, and researchers determined that 900 of these were caused by the contraceptive.

Almost a quarter of participents reported pain at the injection site, nearly half got acne, 20 per cent reported a mood disorder, 38 per cent experienced an increase in sex drive and 15 per cent reported muscle pain. 20 men dropped out of the study because of the side effects.

OB-GYN and blogger Jen Gunter wrote: "These side effect rate is pretty high with this new study of men when compared with contraception studies for women."

According to the press release, 75 per cent of the men wanted to continue with the study.

Despite the higher than expected number of adverse events, many participants expressed their satisfaction with the method and indicated that their partners were relieved that they did not have to bear the burden of contraception themselves.

Comedian Michelle Wolf wasn't satisfied with this.

On an episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah she expressed disproval of the men who dropped out.

"Poor men couldn't complete the birth control study because it gave you pimples and made you moody," she says. "You call [those] side effects, I call that day four of a fairy tale period."

"Men are such little bitches," she added.

One of the side effects is increased sex drive. You men always end up winning! The shot may as well be called 'More Sex Less Babies'.

You can watch the full video of Wolf speaking on The Daily Show here.

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