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A black student has accused London night club Tiger Tiger of racial discrimination after her white friends were let into the club but her majority black group was denied entry.

The 21-year-old woman spoke exclusively to Huffington Post about the incident, in which she claimed her white-looking friends were given entry into the Piccadilly Circus club, whilst her and her 80 black friends were not.

She called it “surreal” and recalled:

The manager said: ‘We don’t want you guys here. You’re 5 per cent of our revenue and 100 per cent of our problems’. We were then told that they’re cancelling my event.

Tiger Tiger deny the accusations. A spokesperson said: "Our venue does not tolerate any form of racial discrimination. We take all allegations extremely seriously and have investigated the situation fully, including a review of CCTV footage and interviews with staff on the night in question."

This clearly shows that there was no racial discrimination involved in refusing entry to the party in question. 

The venue operates to a strict Customer Code of Conduct and in this instance the General Manager felt that the customers’ conduct was in breach of our policies.

To ensure the safety and welfare of other customers the General Manager asked the guests to leave and made a full refund to the party host.

Priscilla, who studies Politics and German at University College London disagrees, and says the birthday party was ruined. Friends dressed up and came from all over the country for the event, only to be denied entry. She said:

Their justification was that this group was being rowdy [...] The policy is to deny entry to someone who you feel is not behaving in an appropriate manner – that doesn’t mean you get to cancel the event, altogether.

Eda Cazimoglu, another member of the group took to Twitter to share what happened.

Others expressed shock. One person wrote: "This is disgusting. Hope you are okay. The amount of discrimination in 2018 is worrying."

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