BMW drivers are the car drivers most likely to be psychopaths, according to a survey.

According to comparison website Scrap Car Comparison - which asked 2,000 drivers to complete a 12-question survey that measures the extent to which people have psychopathic traits - BMW drivers scored highest, with an average 12.1 out of a possible 36 points.

In comparison, the average score across the participants was 6.6. Meanwhile, Audi drivers narrowly missed the top spot scoring 11.7.

Traits measured included superficial charm, a grandiose sense of self-worth and a lack of remorse or guilt. Scores between 0-18 indicated that there was no psychopathy while a score between 19-26 showed it was “possible”. Scores over 27 revealed that psychopathy was “likely”, so all of the drivers still showed no signs of psychopathy despite the range in results.

Fiat owners were the third most likely to be psychopaths with 7.0, while Skoda owners were very much not psycho, scoring an average of just 3.2.

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Dan Gick, managing director of Scrap Car Comparison, told LadBible: “The popularity of true crime documentaries has resulted in a worldwide fascination with psychopaths.

“So, we were curious to discover whether there was any correlation between the car you drive and where you might sit on the psychopath scale.

“While our findings might back up some existing stereotypes of drivers who are unsafe on the road, it’s worth noting that none of the levels seen in our study were any cause for concern, and while certain TV shows or films might trivialise what it means it be a psychopath, it is a condition that should be taken seriously.”

The Scrap Car Comparison data also looked at how fuel types, car colour and number plates pertains to psychopathy.

Personalised number plate holders had double the level of psychopathy (13.8) than those with regular plates (5.3).

Meanwhile, gold car owners were found to be the most likely to hold psychopathic tendencies at 12.7, while red car owners were the lowest at 4.9.

Indy100 has contacted Scrap Car Comparison to get more info about their data.

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