Viewers think they spotted Boris Johnson on Bridgerton

Viewers think they spotted Boris Johnson on Bridgerton
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The new season of Bridgerton aired last month on Netflix and there's been one standout scene that has apparently left viewers scratching their heads — the appearance of 'Boris Johnson'.

The split-second shot that is now going viral occurred when Simone Ashley's character, Kate Sharma, was lying in bed. After watching the scene, fans believe they spotted an image of the Prime Minister in her bedroom.

While Kate is looking up at the ceiling, the camera then cuts and shows the figure, which many are saying is Johnson, looking right back at her. The specific moment was shared on TikTok and since then many fans have joined in the comments to discuss the unexpected and odd slight resemblance.

"Talk about ruining the vibe," @txharvey captioned the TikTok. In the video, the text overlay reads: "Why is Boris Johnson in Bridgerton?!"


Talk about ruining the vibe

In the comments, other Bridgerton fans shared their mutual confusion.

One person wrote, "I thought I was going insane when I saw that in the show."

Another TikTok user said, "I would love to know who the set designer was that snuck this in."

One person even made a snide joke in reference to partygate. "He was trying to tell her to stay at home while he parties," they wrote.

Of course, not everyone was on the same page and some people had other ideas as to who the figure actually was.

"Bruh I thought that was Albert Einstein," one person commented on the video.

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