Chelsea Clinton responds to Donald Trump's comparison of her to Ivanka


At the G20 summit United States President Donald Trump opted for his daughter, Ivanka, to take his seat during one of the morning sessions.

The First Daughter is officially a Special Assistant to the President, an unpaid role, but one which makes her an official government employee.

Nevertheless the image of Ivanka sitting in for her father, smacked of nepotism.

Particularly given that Special Assistant is very far down the order in the succession to the Presidency.

While the President was absent, Ivanka sat between the Chinese President and British Prime Minister for a session on African migration and health.

Donald Trump, who is often prickly about criticisms of his family, tweeted about the family of his former opponent Hillary Clinton on Monday.

While at the G20 President Trump also made remarks in defence of Ivanka's position.

In this Monday tweet, President Trump seems to have forgotten the accusations of corruption, repeatedly made about the Clinton family in the press.

Chelsea Clinton rose to the bait, tweeting:

The dynastic struggle continues, restricted to Twitter for now.

Who else misses the Tafts, Roosevelts, Kennedys and the Stevensons?

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