Donald Trump has once again left people baffled with comments about his daughter Ivanka


In case you missed it Donald Trump did something really weird at the G20 meeting earlier this week.

No, not his awkward meeting with Vladimir Putin - or even this rather embarrassing photo.

It was actually the moment where he allowed his daughter to stand in for him at the G20 summit table, sitting between Theresa May and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

That's right, the President of the United States of America asked his unelected 35-year-old daughter to briefly do his job for him at a world summit, while he briefly stepped away from the table to talk to other leaders.

Former NATO ambassador Nicholas Burns, called the move a break from diplomatic protocol in the Washington Post and that the Secretary of State should have taken his place in such circumstance.

Trump's curious move was heavily criticised on social media.

However, Trump's take on the subject of nepotism was a little, shall we say...confusing.

I'm very proud of my daughter Ivanka. I always have been from day one.

I have to tell you that, from day one.

She's always been great.

Champion, she's a champion.

If she weren't my daughter it would be so much easier for her.

It might be the only bad thing going if you want to know the truth. 

Donald, we're not quite sure how to tell you this - the fact that she is your daughter is actually making things very easy for her.

If she weren't your daughter she wouldn't be in the White House, she wouldn't be part of your administration and she wouldn't be able to attend G20 summit meetings.

Brian Klaas of the London School of Economics was quick to point out that this behaviour was regular for certain kinds of politicians.

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