Trump calls 'dogs the greatest equipment in the world' during bizarre speech about drugs

Trump calls 'dogs the greatest equipment in the world' during bizarre speech about drugs

We know that Donald Trump pretty much despises everything that is good and wholesome about the world but at least he loves a good dog.

Although he doesn't own a dog, he doesn't shy away for his affection for them and even sees them as great assets in the war against drugs.

During an odd moment at his speech at the Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit on Wednesday in Atlanta, Georgia, he went as far as to say that dogs are 'the greatest equipment in the world'.

Hundreds of millions of dollars of the best drug detection equipment you can have.

And I always say this because as good as this equipment is, it's genius, the greatest equipment in the world is a dog. 

Dogs, a certain type of German Shepard in particular, dogs do a better job of 400 million dollars worth of equipment.

Can you believe that? Only the dog lovers would understand that, right? No, it's true.

The bizarre tangent then saw Trump share an anecdote about an exchange he had with a border patrol officer about the effectiveness of a sniffer dog.

I said to the border patrol the other day, they were giving me a little bit of a rundown on the equipment and you know, it's close to 500 million dollars worth of equipment at the ports of entry.

I said 'how does this compare to those great dogs I saw? They said: 'Sir, honestly, the dogs are better.'

I said 'you gotta be kidding?' It's incredible and they showed me and it's actually incredible but we also have a lot of dogs and they are great dogs and we cherish them.

If you were keeping track, Trump said the word 'dogs' eight times in the space of a minute there, so it's safe to say that he really loves a good dog.

Not everyone was sure what to make of this but at least we know what Trump thinks of dogs.

This wasn't the only odd moment in what was possibly Trump's weirdest speech as president to date. Here are a few highlights.


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