Radio caller confronts James O'Brien for saying Nigel Farage's name wrong

Darren Richman
Saturday 26 October 2019 09:30

James O’Brien receives irate calls for much of his working life but things have taken a strange turn with one man reprimanding him for his pronunciation of Nigel Farage’s name.

In the footage, Simon in Kentish Town makes the call and begins by stating that the more O’Brien criticises Boris Johnson, the more he’s likely to increase his majority. In Simon’s words, O’Brien is nothing less than a “recruiting sergeant”.

After this, things get strange. Simon continues:

Not only that, try to get the pronunciation of Farage’s name correct.

The host insists the leader of the Brexit Party has said either pronunciation is acceptable but Simon isn’t having it and repeatedly tells O’Brien to “get on the train”, adding:

If you can’t even get the pronunciation of Farage right, how can you get anything else right?

With this, Simon hangs up after singularly failing to answer any of the presenter’s questions about Boris Johnson. Brexit, pursued by a 'mare.

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