<p>Jeff Bezos has been splashing the cash so much that his new superyacht gets it’s own yacht.</p>

Jeff Bezos has been splashing the cash so much that his new superyacht gets it’s own yacht.

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One yacht is apparently not enough for the world richest man.

The $500 million superyacht purchased by the Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos two years ago has nearly finished construction.

And it’s not you’re average yacht.

The 417-foot-long eyesore boasts a length longer than a football field and is among the biggest ever built in the Netherlands, the unofficial big-boat-building capital of the world.

It includes multiple decks, an “ambient cinema,” to help you forget you’re the world’s richest man bobbing in the middle of the ocean.

But the most eye-catching thing? The yacht’s got a support yacht.

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Project Y721 — the big boat’s temporary name — also has its own helipad since simply docking the yacht would be too basic.

If you think that the top the half-a-billion-dollar price tag is pricey, wait until you hear the operating costs.

According to Bloomberg, the average running cost will be around $60 million a year.

To put that into context, for someone who makes $68,700 a year, the current median income in the U.S., it would be equivalent to them paying $23 in yearly operating costs.

Bezos isn’t the only rich person who failed to read the room by continuing on his rich person agenda when the majority of people continue to struggle in this financial climate due to the pandemic.

After all, the yacht industry is among the few markets that thrived despite the spread of coronavirus and the pandemic has also made the rich even richer, Bloomberg reported.

For example, Bezos himself saw his wealth soar by 57 percent, according to CBS News.

Between March 18, 2020, and March, 18 2021, Bezos’s worth grew from $113 billion to $178 billion. Meanwhile, last year, the median income among Amazon employees was $29,007, reported Business Insider.

To us, the whole yacht spending spree screams full middle-life, post-divorce crisis mode. (He did buy the yacht the same year he and MacKenzie Scott announced their split.)

Let’s all hope that the superyacht’s yacht doesn’t need its own yacht too because that’s too many times we’ve said yacht in one sentence.

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