A car maintenance worker ‘sexually harassed’ a woman via text and people are impressed with how she handled it
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Men, don’t do this.

A Canadian Twitter user has shared an inappropriate text message exchange between her sister and a car services employee at Jiffy Lube, who got her number without her consent and text her.

@LovableAndKind wrote:

My sister got creeped on and sexually harassed by a jiffy lube guy via text from his person phone and…

The unnamed employee opened up the conversation with, “You are gorgeous.”

After her sister enquired about who he was, he’d proudly responded, “your favourite oil change guy. I couldn’t help but to let you know.”

The man appeared to have tracked down her phone number from computer records, which is a big, fat, stinking no-no.

So the sister let him have it.

“I feel like this is a teachable moment for you,” she began in a lengthy rant.

While I know you were wanting to give me a compliment, it was completely unnecessary and unsolicited.

She went on to inform him that she was a customer, and he a service provider – there ought to be no communication between them outside of that very specific relationship parameter.

I am married, we discussed this when I was talking about my car maintenance, so it can be assumed that I am not interested in any compliments/advances from you.

In fact, she continued, receiving such a message from a stranger, given how he’d gotten her number, was both intrusive and felt like a violation of her privacy.

When you contacted me, I felt a little panicked because you went back in my file and got my number…

I have other personal information, like my address, saved there as well.

It is a violation of my privacy for you to contact me from your personal phone with information that you got without my permission.

She concluded with question – does she tell HR of his conduct, or was her response enough of a lesson?

Now I know that you are the type of person to go back in someone’s personal file to find their personal information, what is to keep you from going back and getting my address? There are men who stalk, rape, and murder women by getting their information this way.

I can choose to ignore your violation of my privacy and go to another company to avoid interactions in the future (even though this is the place that I’ve been going to consistently for the past several years). Or I can contact your company HR and report this incident.

In the end she said she wasn’t in the “business of ruining someone’s livelihood over something [simple]” so he had to understand that it was “completely inappropriate” for him to contact her or any other woman “without explicit consent. Capiche?”

His response?

Sorry about that yes ma’am.


And to add salt to wound, she added that he wasn’t even on her top five favourite oil change guys.

People applauded the glorious take-down

Others shared experiences of their own with "creepy" men who blurred the lines between professional and personal (on a one-way street)

Jiffy Lube responded on the sister’s Facebook post with a statement:

We’re taking this issue very seriously. No customer should ever feel concerned about their privacy or feel uncomfortable at a service centre. We’re in touch with the customer to resolve this matter.

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