Jordan Peterson just tried to explain to the Pope how Christianity works

Jordan Peterson just tried to explain to the Pope how Christianity works
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We wish, even if it was just for a day, that we could live our lives with the self-confidence of Jordan Peterson.

The controversial Canadian psychologist is so convinced of his own opinion that he just tried to explain how Christianity works to the actual Pope.

It comes after the official Pope Francis Twitter profile tweeted: “#SocialJustice demands that we fight against the causes of poverty: inequality and the lack of labour, land, and lodging; against those who deny social and labour rights; and against the culture that leads to taking away the dignity of others.”

Peterson disagreed with the statement and wrote: “There is nothing Christian about #SocialJustice. Redemptive salvation is a matter of the individual soul.”

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As far as Twitter spats go, explaining religion to the Pope is a new one on us.

Peterson thought he'd try and teach the Pope a thing or twoChannel 4/Getty Images

One twitter honed in on just how preposterous the exchange was, writing: “I don't know what's funnier, you trying to lecture the Pope on what Christianity is, or that you're loudly proclaiming that acting like Jesus is wrong.”

It’s just the latest episode in the life of Peterson, who is often outspoken about his denial of climate change and the government implementing policies.

No subject is safe from Peterson, though, as proven when he found an issue with paper towel dispensers in the bathroom recently.

He previously posted a photo of a paper towel dispenser with a sign encouraging people to use fewer paper towels to dry their hands.

“Remember you don’t need an arm’s length of paper towel to dry your hands. Use less and place what you use in the paper towel receptacle provided- it’s compostable,” the sign said.

However, the friendly reminder did not sit well with Peterson, 60. He wrote, “Up yours, woke moralists. Tyranny is always petty– and petty tyranny will not save the planet.”

He said the sign bothered him because “it’s celebrated,” “it’s everywhere,”, and “people are wilfully blind to it.”

If he really is annoyed by something as insignificant as a paper towel dispenser, it must be absolutely exhausting being Jordan Peterson.

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