Shudu.Gram/ Cameron James-Wilson

A photographer has caused widespread controversy online after creating a computer-generated black model which became a hit on Instagram.

Cameron-James Wilson first unveiled his creation, named Shudu Gram in April 2017 and her own Instagram account has earned more than 49,000 followers since then.

Images of Shudu and her male counterpart Nfon have been shared all over social media in the time since then, including Rihanna's beauty range Fenty Beauty, after Shudu was seen wearing a shade of the brand's lipstick.

However, it has only been recently disclosed that Shudu was a complete fabrication by 28-year-old Wilson, who taught himself how to create digital 3D models using online tools.

Speaking to Isiuwa Igodan,Wilson explained why he decided to create Shudu and what he hopes she represents.

Shudu represents what I’ve always seen as beautiful, but something I don’t see often enough.

Although there’s a slight change happening now, more people need to question what really is beautiful.

In a separate interview with Harpers' Bazaar, Wilson explained that Shudu is just a way of exploring his creativity when he's not working on his photography.

Basically, Shudu is my creation, she’s my art piece that I am working on at the moment.

I am a photographer anyway, so it’s just a way of exploring my creativity when I’m not shooting.

However, since the revelation that Shudu isn't a real person and that she was created by a white man, Wilson has been faced with a strong backlash on Twitter with many questioning why he would rather create a black model instead of hiring one.

Others have attempted to defend his right to express himself through his art.

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