White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders isn't having a great week.

Not only did she read an Easter story to a group of kids with the enthusiasm of a piece of paper, she has also been mocked on Twitter for making a bold claim about her boss.

Donald Trump is currently embroiled in a trade war with China after both the US and China targeted each other with increased tariffs on steel, aluminium, soybeans, beef, cotton and other products.

These additions are yet to be enforced and could just be another bizarre negotiation tactic employed by the President. Heaven knows it's worked before.

On Friday's press conference, Sanders was asked about the issue by ABC journalist Jonathan Karl and in response, she claimed that Trump was "the best negotiator at the table" and that they have "full confidence in his ability."

Given that Trump has brokered barely any significant deals in his entire time in office so far and his patchy history as a businessman, people weren't exactly buying Sanders statement.

It often seems easy to laugh at Trump and his administration but it is worth remembering that the POTUS is yet to negotiate a deal for his precious border wall, a replacement for DACA or Obamacare, a logical solution to gun violence and merely settled for payment to Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claims to have had an affair with Trump in 2006, who is now suing him over said payment.

Still, as long as the Trump and his staff keep providing the laughs then everything will be OK, right?

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