Barcelona striker Sergio Agüero has announced his retirement from football at the age of 33 - after being diagnosed with a cardiac arrhythmia.

The last time Agüero played was during a match in the Camp Nou against Alaves at the end of October. During his last match, he was taken off during the first half and substituted due to chest pain.

It was later revealed by his team that his high level of discomfort was caused by an arrhythmia and that he would have to undergo treatment for an over three-month period.

Now, after months of regular cardiac exams, professionals have advised him to stop playing football altogether as it would pose a threat to his heart condition and livelilhood—resulting in a very emotional retirement announcement from Agüero.

During a news conference on Wednesday, he said: "This conference is to announce I have decided to stop playing professional football. It is a very difficult moment. The decision I have taken for my health; the problem I had a month and a half ago.”

He continued, “I have been in good hands with the medical staff. I made the decision 10 days ago after doing everything possible to have some hope of playing on. I am very proud for my career. I always dreamed of a professional career since the first time I touched a ball at 5.”

Known as "Kun" amongst his fellow teammates and football fans—comes from the cartoon Kum-Kum—Agüero was a talented player whose professional career to an unfortunate sudden end.

In honor of Agüero’s legacy, many have posted tributes for the football player. We’ve rounded up 19 of the best ones as a nod to his player number at Barcelona.

Lionel Messi

"Practically all of our career together, Kun... We have lived very beautiful moments and others that were not so much so, but all of them brought us together even more and made us closer as friends. And we are going to continue to live moments together off the pitch," Messi began his length caption.

Manchester City

“King Kun. Everyone at Manchester City would like to take this opportunity to thank @aguerosergiokun for his incredible contribution to our success over the last decade and wish him well in his retirement.”

James Milner

“Wishing one of the all time greats @aguerosergiokun good luck and health in what he does next.”

Pablo Zabaleta

“Since your debut in primaries, until a few days ago we celebrated your retirement together. Many shared experiences that will always remain in the memory. Thank you so much @aguerosergiokun I love you very much!”

Leroy Sané

“A true legend of the game. It was an honour to play with you, Sergio. I wish you all the best for your future.”

Ilkay Gündogan

“Congrats on a world-class career, Kun Flag of ArgentinaBlue heart You will always be a part of football history...All the best in the future for you and your family! @aguerosergiokun.”

Franck Ribéry

“You have achieved so much in your career and can look back on it with pride. All the best for your health, you and your family.”

Vincent Kompany

“An extraordinary striker has retired from the game, but also a great team mate, a friend and a unique personality. Thanks and respect to an authentic Man City phenomenon. I wish you nothing but the best legend.”

Barça Academy

“Kun, you'll always have a home here at Barça.”

Chiqui Tapia

“Dear @aguerosergiokun these tears in your farewell, they will not cover your smile, your joy, your professionalism and your desire to always wear the jersey @Argentina .This house will always be open and waiting for you.Let's go #KunAguero.”

Kevin De Bruyne

“One of the best strikers ever! Want to wish you all the best for the future legend. See you soon.”

Fan Tributes

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