Sri Lanka attacks, Mueller dissection and Farage spats: The news you’re missing this Easter bank holiday

Terror attacks in Sri Lanka, the (redacted) Mueller dissection, an incredible construction worker Trump, and actual scientifically proven climate changing protest groups.

A lot has happened since you downed tools on Thursday and embarked upon the Bank Holiday and that’s OK. Here are some of those things.

Almost 300 people have been killed in Sri Lanka following a series of bomb attacks

The world stood in shock and anger on Sunday as it awoke to the news that six bomb attacks took place in Sri Lanka.

So far the attacks, which were carried about by suicide bombers, have claimed the lives of 290 people and injured at least 450. The five-star Shangri-La Kingsbury and Cinnamon Grand hotels in Colombo were all targeted during the attacks.

Officials believe that there were seven attackers. So far 24 people have been arrested in relation to the devastating suicide bombings. Sri Lanka's health minister says that a local militant group is behind the attacks, reports AP.

According to the New York Timesa police officer alerted security officials 10 days ago about a potential threat to churches from a radical Islamist Group, National Thowheeth Jama'ath.

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Today is World Earth Day so let's all remember to be good to the planet

World Earth Day is an annual global event celebrated every year on April 22 to show support for environmental causes and raise awareness of our ongoing battle against climate change. The event has been happening consistently since the 1970s

The event is recognised by over 193 countries with various events held each year. More importantly, it's a reminder that if we all work together we can make a small difference towards the future of this planet.

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The (redacted) Mueller Report was released and did not go well for Trump

*dramatic drum roll*

For those living beneath a rock, the (redacted) Mueller Report rose from its legal laboratory and declared itself to be alive, if not a little confused.

On 24 March, 2 years after the investigation began, Attorney General Bill Barr declared Trump to have not colluded with the Russians. Or to have obstructed justice.

But that was just Barr’s summary of the report. What we didn’t know was how much evidence there was of Russian involvement in the first place or quite the lengths that Trump meddled with the Special Counsel’s proceedings.

Not enough to prove collusion or obstruction, as it transpires, but it’s all in there.

Now because Mueller couldn’t take a clear action it falls upon the Senate to figure out how to proceed or to not proceed. Expect fireworks.

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We also found out that Sarah Sanders lies A LOT.

...And the Trump Mueller meme was born, and IT IS healthy.

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson said Corbyn should back second referendum and Nigel Farage, free of irony, called him out on it

As always with O’l Nige it exploded spectacularly and hilarity ensued. Turns out that it’s not just Tom Watson who thinks Labour should make their Brexit leanings clear.

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Someone found a New York construction worker who is more like Trump than the actual Trump

We kid you not. You need to get a load of this guy. It’s like he ate Alec Baldwin’s SNL Trump and then he ate Trump and they..and, you get the picture. He’s good.

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Ivanka took the heat off her Mueller-riddled dad by tweeting about ‘privilege’

We could really go on about this one but the gist of it is that she tweeted it in relation to her visit to Africa and dancing with Ivorian women. And it came across quite badly.

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A good thing came from the Extinction Rebellion protests, and that good thing was cleaner air!

Who’da thought it, sometimes protests do work. Kinda. There are caveats obviously because: science.

What actually happened is the protests lowered certain emissions in certain areas, for a period. Fascinating stuff and quite promising if we ever start taking climate change seriously.

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And finally…

Diane Abbot drank a can of Pimm’s on the tube.

Then because it’s 2019 and people are furious, she had to apologise for it.

And then Julia Hartley-Brewer tried to mock Diane Abbot for drinking the can of Pimm’s and..

So far very noughties High School drama, yes. But the resulting fallout and responses were brilliant. Read ‘em up.

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