The Chase host Bradley Walsh scolded for insensitive remark about Anne Hegerty’s weight
ITV/The Chase

On a recent episode of UK gameshow “The Chase,” it was all fun and games - until it wasn’t.

During Tuesday’s episode, host Bradley Walsh received a rude awakening when a contestant scolded him after he made an insensitive remark about Anne Hegerty’s physique.

The show centers around four strangers who must work as a team to answer general knowledge questions. In order to win money, the contestants must defeat the Chaser - a ruthless quiz genius.

Contestants Steve, Mai, Liz and Dimitri were all hoping to take home thousands Tuesday. However, when it came time for Walsh to explain who Mai could be facing, that’s when things took a turn a for the worse.

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“Whose team are we taking on today?” Walsh asked. “Will it be The Menace? His scientific research is like Mark Labbett on a pogo stick - ground-breaking.”

“Could it be The Sinnerman? So annoying, if he talks to the plants they get up and walk out.

“Maybe, though, it’s The Governess? As fierce as an Amazon warrior, built like an Amazon warehouse.”

Walsh, of course, was referring to Hegerty, who is known as “The Governess,” on the show.

“You can’t say that!” Mai immediately responded.

During a previous episode, Bradley mentioned he does not write the jokes about The Chasers. But even if he didn’t write the joke, it still came from his own mouth, which doesn’t make it any less wrong.

While Hegerty is a familiar face on the show, she recently branched out with her very own quiz show titled Britain’s Biggest Celebrity Family.

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