This video lists all of the worst things Trump has done in just 60 seconds

Back in 2016, a lot of folks might have had a good reason for voting for Donald Trump, but four years later, there is a lot to be regretful about.

In one of their latest shots at the president, The Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans who are opposed to Trump winning another election, have managed to cram almost all of Donald Trump's worst qualities into just a 60-second video.

The audio is actually from a 2019 stand-up set from actor and comedian David Cross, which you can watch below.

Just in case you didn't catch all of those awful qualities that the POTUS possesses, here they are again:

Blatant racism, crass sexism, deranged narcissism, pandering to Nazis, supporting peadophiles, bragging about being a sexual predator, openly cheating your employees, mocking the disabled, praising murderous dictators, constant pathological lying, petty and vindictive cruelty, staggering ineptitude, unapologetic corruption, nepotism, mob ties, encouraging violence against those that question your authority, theft of our tax dollars to pay off your mountain of debt and/or go golfing, relentless lying, being a white nationalist demonising immigrants, disregard for the bill of rights, lying about whether Russia had hacked our election when you knew all along that it had then lying about lying it, collusion with our sworn enemy and the sworn enemy of democracy, dereliction of duty, treasons activities.

Needless to say, this advert is another win for The Lincoln Project in their crusade against Trump.

Other Lincoln Project videos about Trump have featured the president starring in a David Attenborough documentary , turning one of his disastrous interviews in a Seinfeld joke and his turning his bizarre explanation of what happened in his cognitive test into a song .

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