Sebastian Gorka has fallen a long way since serving as deputy assistant to the president for the first eight months of Donald Trump's tenure in the Oval Office.

The British-born intelligence analyst and former adviser to Hungary's strongman prime minister Viktor Orban these days earns his crust by fronting America First, a right-wing talk show on Salem Radio.

Gorka spends his days enjoying the sound of his own purring voice as he holds court on all manner of MAGA-approved subjects, from the PBS cartoon Arthur sparking a "culture war" to Nintendo apparently advocating incest.

We last heard from him attending Trump's Social Media Summit earlier this month in the company of various other ghoulish alt-right media personalities, trolls and basement-dwelling meme creators.

Gorka had to remind his old boss who he was when he raised his hand to ask a question before becoming involved in an undignified scuffle with Playboy reporter Brian Karem in the White House Rose Garden, denouncing his antagonist as a "punk" before being led away.

Because of his controversial reputation, which has seen him accused of everything from Islamophobia to Nazi sympathies, Gorka's phone-in show has attracted more prank calls than Moe's Tavern since it first aired in January this year.

Members of the public commonly call in and disarm the host with pleasantries or a compliment, only to then pivot unexpectedly towards savage mockery or outright abuse.

This formula worked a treat three weeks ago when a caller told Gorka he had been named "journalist of the year... by Dips**t Magazine".

And now it's happened again.

Taking a call from "Mike from New York" regarding president Trump's recent racist tweets about an African-American majority district of Baltimore, Gorka listens as "Mike" claims to have previously lived in Rosemont, West Baltimore, and has a particular question he feels the media have so far unfairly overlooked in its coverage.

The host took the bait and asked what his question was. The answer?

Do you have to buy special shirts to fit your head through your neck hole?

Moving swiftly on, Gorka's producer switched to "Josh in Wyoming" who admitted he was nervous to be on the air.

Gorka moved to encourage him with the brag that "nobody's listening, only about 2 million people, so you can relax", to which "Josh" responded:

Well then I will just say that you're a balloon-headed motherf*****.

How much longer this poor man's Fraiser Crane can keep it up remains to be seen.

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