Ukrainians use 'Find My iPhone' to see where Russians took their stolen Apple devices

Satellite pictures challenge Russia’s denials over Ukraine killings

Ukrainians are using a popular Apple feature to find their devices after they were stolen by Russians, and it's helping to map out their retreat in real-time.

Ukrainians have experienced loss and horror amid the tragedy that is Russia's violent invasion. It has displaced many families and left heartbreaking scenes that are truly haunting to see as images spread throughout social media and in the news.

Thefts include technology, allowing Ukrainians to use Apple's 'Find My iPhone' feature to track troop movements.

"Ukrainians are locating their devices on the territory of the Homiel region, Belarus, where part of the Russian army retreated," read a tweet from Franak Viačorka, Senior Advisor to Sviatlana.

The replies to this tweet showed that many were shocked at how tech savvy this response has been.

"This reminds me of when people were discovering secret overseas military bases by watching the public data of people’s fitbits. You could usually tell where the fence lines and gate posts were too just from the track data," wrote one person in the comments.

"This is insane 😭 War in the era of social media & advanced tech is a trip," said another.

"When Russians steal your trackable devices, you can find those Russians by tracking those devices! Putin's incompetence is our ally against his evil," read another tweet.

Recently, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky addressed western leaders, criticising what he said was delayed action against Russia. “Did hundreds of our people really have to die in agony for some European leaders to finally understand that the Russian state deserves the most severe pressure?” he asked.

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