Donald Trump has finally ghosted Piers Morgan after furious TV interview

Donald Trump has finally ghosted Piers Morgan after furious TV interview
Donald Trump appears to storm out Piers Morgan interview
Twitter/Piers Morgan

Former US president Donald Trump has appeared to storm out of an interview with Piers Morgan after he questioned about the untrue 2020 stolen election claims he made... and has since ghosted his email.

Speaking to the Morgan in a world exclusive for the broadcaster's new show Piers Morgan: Uncensored on TalkTV, Trump called Morgan "a fool" when then it was put to him by the former Good Morning Britain presenter that the 2020 election was "free and fair" and that he "lost."

Since the 2020 election which Trump lost to Joe Biden, he has been peddling the baseless claim that the election was rigged and stolen from him, and he unsurprisingly kept this opinion up during the interview.

"Only a fool would think that," he told Morgan who then asked Trump if he thinks he is a fool, to which he replied: “I do now, yeah.”

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When Morgan pressed further on the fact there was "no hard evidence" to support Trump's stolen election claims, the former president told him: "I don't think you're real."

At the end of the promotional clip, Trump appeared to walk out of the interview as he informed the camera crew to "turn the camera off."

Now, Morgan has explained in his op-ed for The New York Post how things went south before the explosive interview after Trump was given a document titled "Piers Morgan Comments About President Trump," where someone had compiled all of the negative quotes Morgan has said about him over the years.

"What the f*** is this," Trump asked Morgan before he read out some of the quotes:

  • "Trump’s a supreme narcissist …”
  • “His pathetic antics in the past few weeks since losing the election in November have been utterly contemptible.”
  • "Trump’s now too dangerous, he’s morphed into a monster that I no longer recognize as someone I considered to be a friend and thought I knew.”
  • "He’s now acting like a Mafia mob boss."
  • "And all because Donald’s stupendous ego couldn’t accept losing and sent him nuts."
  • "January 7, 2021 – President Trump needs to be removed from office. As soon as possible … through new emergency articles of impeachment, which would have the additional benefit of barring him from ever running for the presidency again."

As he read out the document to Morgan, the presenter described how Trump had "mounting rage in his eyes" and declared it was a "hatchet job" on him.

There was one point where Trump asked: "Why should I do it [the interview] at all?" as he branded Morgan a "fake."

Morgan - who responded he is "brutally honest" - luckily managed to get Trump back on board with the interview, thanks to some golf talk.

Despite only being promised 20 minutes, Morgan noted how the interview went on for 75 minutes before talk of the election near the end abruptly cut things off.

The next day after the interview, Morgan emailed Trump to thank him for his time where he also referred to their disagreement about the election, "I wasn’t going to lie to your face just to avoid annoying you," he wrote.

Though the email has been met with radio silence, which looks like some text-book ghosting from the former president.

"As I write this, 10 days later, I haven’t had any reply," Morgan added.

But the question is... who was responsible for throwing a spanner in the works when it comes to Trump and Morgan's famous friendship?

Well, Morgan certainly has his suspicions after he was informed by Trump the document came from London.

"Mysteriously, it contains two random, very positive comparative quotes from British politician Nigel Farage, who now works as a presenter for my rival UK network GB News," he wrote.

Trump has since claimed that the promo footage for the interview has been "doctored" to make it appear that he stormed out on Morgan.

Piers Morgan: Uncensored will be available from April 25 on TalkTV.

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