Iceland's Colonel Sanders is attempting to become the country's president

Iceland's Colonel Sanders is attempting to become the country's president
KFC Iceland

We’ve only just begun the new year, but we’ve got a funny feeling that world politics in 2024 is going to be even stranger than last year.

Things were already looking pretty ominous after the chainsaw-wielding populist Javier Milei with a penchant for tantric sex parties and a sister for a First Lady was elected in Argentina.

Now, strange things are afoot in Iceland.

Iceland’s president Guðni Th. Jóhannesson won successive elections in 2016 and 2020, but he recently announced he won’t be running for a third term in office.

Inevitably, people have thrown their hat in the ring – including one incredibly unlikely figure.

Rapper and comedian Dori DNA has reportedly claimed he’s up for the job and is going to run later this year.

People in the country know him best for his time playing Colonel Sanders in the country’s KFC adverts – and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a ridiculous character with lightly coloured hair has been elected to office over recent times.

According to reports, Dori DNA is promising that his campaign will be 40 per cent “funked up gangster twist”, whatever that means.

For his sake, he’d better hope his message is finger lickin’ good if he wants to be a hit with the voting public.

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