'The game is up’: First Tory MP publicly calls for Liz Truss …

Liz Truss is facing pressure to 0121 do one.

Four of her own MPs have broken ranks to say they aren't best pleased with her record so far as PM and what with all her u-turns, chancellor changes, impact on opinion polls and impact on the economy, things aren't looking good for her.

So while Truss will have one eye on what to do to save herself as PM, she may have another eye on jobs websites, to consider what she might do next.

Don't say we don't ever indulge in a spot of client journalism and help our dear leaders out - we've had a think about what she could get up to for her.

So, here are some of her career options:

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1. Cheesemonger

She's passionate about it, and is best known for her remarks on the dairy product. Let's face it, if there's anyone who can sell cheese it is Liz Truss.

And if she can't? That. Would. Be. A. Disgrace.

2. Leader of the Liberal Democrats

She supported the Lib Dems in the past and has shown her political flip-flopping was not just a phase in her youth (just look at how many u-turns she's done already as PM).

So why not flip-flop once more and return to her pro-European roots and rejoin the party? We're not sure Ed Davey would give way to her but it is worth a try.

3. Leader of the Labour Party

In fact, scratch that and put her in the Labour party instead. After all, she seems to go where the political tide goes, now backing Brexit after campaigning for Remain, and she's done a lot for Labour, if recent polls are anything to go by which show them soaring ahead.

Indeed, while PM she has been more of an asset to Keir Starmer's party than her own.

As a pragmatist, we're sure he'd accept what a trooper she's been for the left and anoint her as the new leader.

4. Demolition worker

On the flip side, she's also destroyed everything she's tried to help - her party, the pound, the economy in general, her reputation... She really does have some sort of reverse Midas touch and since she seems to like wrecking everything she'd make an excellent demolition worker.

5. Driving teacher

You know where we are going with this one. The lady IS for turning. She's done so many u-turns, the nation is reeling from a collective whiplash and at least in that sense we've never been more united.

So we reckon she could teach prospective drivers a thing or two about how to change course when you realise you are driving in the wrong direction.

6. Guiness World record breaker

Because of all this destruction, Truss might end up as the shortest-serving PM of all time. What a legacy. What other records can she break?

Let's find out.

7. Social media influencer

Truss is known for posting some truly odd Instagram posts and promoting her 'brand' in a way Molly-Mae Hague could only learn from.

If she fails to stay on as PM, we can imagine her flogging Invisalign and promo codes for fast fashion brands on the app.

Slay, Liz.

8. Diplomat

From slagging off Scottish and Welsh leaders, to irritating Russia, to not being able to pronounce Taoiseach, Truss has shown herself completely incapable of winning hearts and minds around the world.

So she absolutely shouldn't be a diplomat, but it would be incredibly entertaining if she was.

9. Margaret Thatcher impersonator

Yeah, she's already kind of doing this one now with her choice in outfits and policies, but why not go full-time?

10. Club promoter

She's been spotted living it up in clubs during Tory party conferences in the past and is known to let her hair down.

We can think of people we'd rather go clubbing with but we're sure she could get a crowd of Tories together to sink some shots with (after sinking the economy first).

11. Personal trainer

If there's one thing we know about LT is she hates the anti-growth coalition who are destroying the nation. Yes, she hates anti-growth, and LOVES growth.

So what better job exists for her to do than helping gym-bros make gains at the gym and get swole.

She failed to grow the economy, but she might be able to grow a bicep or two.

Until then, Truss's premiership clunks on.

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