People are registering to attend Nigel Farage’s tour with no intention of going.

Posting on Twitter, numerous people are trolling the Brexiteer by signing up for the free tour, and taking spaces from people who may - for some reason - be interested in what Farage has to say.

Farage’s ‘America’s Comeback Tour’ is organised by the libertarian advocacy group and Trump supporting FreedomWorks.

Speaking in a promotional video, Farage said he hoped to “inspire thousands of activists” over the course of the tour to beat Biden and provide the same rousing content that he thinks led to Brexit. But it seems the only people he will be inspiring this time are empty chairs:

Meanwhile, Farage is also begging people to go to the pub with him, now they are reopen, and plugging a competition for one lucky person to win the chance to drink with him and then stay in a 5-star hotel.

It would be a shame if people who have no intention of doing so signed up to that as well...

And these are but two in a string of latest strange Farage grifts. The bored Brexiteer has joined Cameo, got involved in blockchain and love-bombed Donald Trump.

Now, he faces disappointment by addressing an empty conference hall.

Never mind, Nigel. We are sure it will be a hoot nonetheless.

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