A BBC Question Time audience member has brutally rinsed Boris Johnson, comparing him to his potty-training child.

Adrian asked the panel if the PM was “OK” - referencing something a BBC reporter asked him after his disastrous CBI speech on Monday - then said that to him, Johnson wasn’t exactly doing a brilliant job.

He said:

“A lot of the time the excuses I hear about his and the government’s performance is that they’re doing their best.

“I’ve got a two-year-old little boy and at the moment we’re potty training and every day he tries his best at it but invariably there’ll be an accident and we’ll have to wipe his bottom.

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“I think the difference with little Stan, bless him, one day he’s gonna get it and his best is going to be good enough.

“Unfortunately I don’t think the same could be said about Boris and the government.

“And I don’t think there is going to be enough toilet paper left either, with the haulage crisis and panic-buying.”

It comes after a bad week for the PM dogged by accusations that people have had enough of his court jester act and rumours that senior members of his party are turning against him.

Meanwhile, Labour have overtaken the Tories in the polls, so all in all it’s not looking great.

Elsewhere in the show, another audience member said “we’ve had enough” of the PM. “Everywhere Boris Johnson goes, he makes a mess.

“Last week it was sleaze and scandal and corruption. This week it’s embarrassing himself in front of the business world.”


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