Sadiq Khan roasts Tony Blair’s ‘terrible’ hair and says he looks like ‘Gandalf’

Sadiq Khan roasts Tony Blair’s ‘terrible’ hair and says he looks like ‘Gandalf’

Sadiq Khan just brutally roasted Tony Blair’s hair.

Speaking to PoliticsJOE, the incumbent and probable next London mayor called the former Prime Minister “Tony Hair” and went on to deliver a withering takedown of his barnet:

“Have you seen his hair? It’s terrible,” he said. “For those who watch Lord of the Rings, he’s like Gandalf isn’t he.”

It comes after Tony Blair emerged for one of his many political pundit comeback tours sporting a new ‘do last week and shocked viewers who couldn’t listen to a word he was saying about Scottish independence.

Memes flooded in:

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And Khan was not the only person to liken Blair to a Lord of the Rings character:

In the interview, Khan also revealed he does not have WhatsApp and said that in a celebrity boxing match, his chosen opponent would be Boris Johnson because he is of a similar age.

For his part, for better or worse, Blair told The Evening Standard he is going for a chop “imminently” and said his hair had not got so long since he was in a rock band at university.

Khan will be pleased.

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