Facebook Outage Had Social Media Users Reminiscing About MySpace

Ever since Elon Musk formally completed his lucrative multi-billion dollar takeover of Twitter people have been hankering for the more simple and more humble era of social media.

The richest man in the world's plan for Twitter has so far proved to be very unpopular. Aside from firing a huge amount of Twitter's workforce, Musk's biggest idea is to start charging people $8 a month just to have a verified account, which doesn't seem to be attracting many buyers at all given that Twitter has been free since its inception.

There is also the added fear of what might happen if Musk really lets the chains loose on Twitter and allows 'free speech' to reign free. Racism has already sky-rocketed on the site by a reported 500 percent since he took over.

Many now fear that Twitter is beyond repair and given that Facebook isn't that popular anymore and that TikTok and Instagram are too young for some folks the idea of returning to MySpace is looking more appealing.

However, MySpace isn't the website that it once was. Gone are the days of customisable profile pages, top friends lists and discovering new music acts like the Arctic Monkeys and Calvin Harris. Nowadays it is more geared toward music news but doesn't look to have been updated since March and if our experience on there is anything to go by, we wouldn't recommend it.

That being said there is still a lot of nostalgia for the site, especially if you're a millennial in your mid-to-late 30s.

One of the best things about MySpace was the man who created it; Thomas Anderson who instantly became your first friend on the site when you created a profile. What a nice guy and unlike Mark Zuckerburg or Elon Musk he's one of the few social media moguls who has kept a low profile and has just enjoyed his early retirement.

Anderson sold MySpace in 2005 for $580 million (USD) to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. This sort of spending money basically shields you from any sass that might come your way.

Tom's instagram account, aptly named @myspacetom, is basically a gallery of what $580 million will buy you.

Such as,

The stunning range of the Ko'olau Mountains, Hawaii

More Hawaii


Ok enough Hawaii. Look at Bagan, Burma!

Hong Kong

And Manila, Philippines

In fact, the last thing he posted was a 10-year challenge meme back in 2019 featuring his famous MySpace photo.

Tom is also on Twitter where his profile reads: "Enjoying the good life / New Hobbies: Surfing, Architecture-Design, Photography."

Although he hasn't posted on there since October 2021 he does appear to enjoy the odd meme about his old site.

Well played Anderson. Well played.

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