Ben Shapiro is now freaking out over Build-a-Bear

Ben Shapiro is now freaking out over Build-a-Bear
Ben Shapiro hits out at Build-a-Bear over RuPaul’s Drag Race collaboration

In these uncertain times, it’s good to know that right-wing dudes on the internet have really got their finger on the pulse.

Guys like Jordan Peterson have been fighting the good fight by raging against the tyranny of paper towel dispensers, and now Ben Shapiro is freaking out over Build-a-Bear.

Conservative pundit Shapiro has called the toy company one of the things he hates while recording the latest edition of his show.

It comes after Build-a-Bear announced a collaboration with RuPaul’s Drag Race for the 18+ section of their website known as The Bear Cave.

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Speaking on his show, Shapiro said: “So, you know, when they say that they’re not coming after the kids, that’s a lie. They’re coming after the kids — apparently Build-A-Bear, which is a store that I’ve taken my kids to a lot, right? This is where you actually go to the store and they have sort of these kind of teddy bear skins, and you get the filling and you fill the bear and you take it home. And the kids love it. It’s really fun.”

He went on to talk about the Drag Race-inspired “teddy bear skins” were on sale, adding: “They’ve decided that they need to drag queen the kids. So Build-a-Bear Workshop is now offering a new RuPaul drag queen bear, which makes perfect sense because you definitely need to teach your kids about boys who dress up as girls.”

He added: “Apparently it’s for 18 plus shoppers, but it’s right there at the top of the front page cover.

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“Build-A-Bear feels the necessity to do this. Again, this is a product design for children. It’s beyond me, except that all of our cultural arbiters have decided that all of this is the most important thing that you can possibly do.”

The range of products on the 18+ section of the site The Bear Cave also feature bears inspired by the likes of The Office and Star Wars.

It comes after right-wing commentator Shapiro recently revealed he isn’t convinced sexuality is biologically determined.

Shapiro joined Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Uncensored to discuss a plethora of issues from LGBTQ+ rights to toxic masculinity and cancel culture.

“You don’t think gay people become gay, presumably, right?” Morgan asked during the interview.

Shapiro responded, “I think that the notion that everyone who is gay was always gay from the time that they were born, I don’t think the data backs that.”

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