Gordon Ramsay hilariously responds to vegan TikTok user who told him to quit eating meat

Gordon Ramsay hilariously responds to vegan TikTok user who told him to quit eating meat

Gordon Ramsay has taken TikTok by storm with his scathing cooking reviews.

The chef has gone viral on the app several times for his brutal takedowns of fans and home cooks. He’s launched his trademark insults at questionable burgers, steak cakes and other crimes against the culinary world.

Evidently, Ramsay is far from a practicing vegan, but that didn’t stop the controversial TikTok user Kadie Diekmeyer (who goes by That Vegan Teacher), from trying to convince him to change his eating habits.

In a video posted in November, Diekmeyer sings a self-penned song addressed directly to the Masterchef star in a bid to convert him to veganism. “Eating animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay,” she says.

She continues: “If you call me a ‘donut’, that’s fine, as long as you’re vegan from now.”

It took a while for Ramsay to respond, but this week he finally did – and it didn’t disappoint. (Unless you’re vegan.)

As Diekmeyer strums her ukulele, Ramsay watches on while enthusiastically eating lettuce before calling her a “vegan donut” and switching out the greens for a burger.

“Beef burgers were consumed while making this TikTok,” he captioned the post.

Fans took the video in good humour and praised the chef for savagely roasting Diekmeyer. The TikTok user has been embroiled in several controversies including putting her dog on a vegan diet.

“I guess you could say they started ‘beef,’” one user joked.

“I can’t believe she came at Gordon Ramsay by CHOICE,” another added.

Even non-meat eaters were on his side: “I’m vegan but this is so funny,” one person commented.

Even James Charles chimed in by simply calling him a “legend”.

In just two days, Ramsay’s video has already accumulated over 42 million views.

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