James Acaster challenged Piers Morgan over his love of 'black music' and it's perfect

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Here at indy100, we love nothing more than seeing Piers Morgan get owned. Now, comedian James Acaster has done just that, and it has to be said it's a thing of beauty to behold.

Piers has been embroiled in a back-and-forth argument with writer Bola Agbaje, who decided to mock the Good Morning Britainpresenter on Twitter after he invited 15-year-old Alex Mann, the lad who performed with grime star Dave at Glastonbury, onto the breakfast show.

After inviting the teenager onto his show, he gushed over how Alex had 'slayed' Glastonbury, without so much as a mention of Dave or Stormzy's sets. Speaking on the show, he said:

That’s what the youth of today should be doing more of, taking their chance and slaying it.

In a tweet, Agbaje wrote:

We see right through you @piersmorgan

So, in response, Morgan tweeted:

Here’s me hating black music @bolaagbaje

However, Agbaje was less than impressed by Morgan's response:

I have black friends the movie!

Someone else who didn't take kindly to Morgan's words was the comedian James Acaster, who said:

Without googling it name ONE song by each of those artists. Also, shut up.

More argumentative back-and-forth then ensued:

Oh pipe down you virtue-signalling little tw*t. I can’t name ONE funny joke you’ve ever cracked, that’s for sure.


Is that a lyric by Snap



That’s hilarious! No wonder you’re on Mock The Week every six months when someone drops out.

Ouch! Feel the burn, Morgan, feel the burn.

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