James Corden is hosting the ‘Friends’ reunion – and people have a lot to say about it

James Corden is hosting the ‘Friends’ reunion – and people have a lot to say about it

Could Friends fans be anymore excited about the upcoming reunion?

The answer is surely no.

That said, soon after the first full trailer for the HBO special was finally released, people began taking issue with a key element of the show.

The programme will be hosted by James Corden despite the British star having no prior links to the much-loved series.

Posting a picture of notable celebrity cameos from the programme’s 10-year run, one Twitter user fumed: “All these people could’ve been a part of the friends reunion but Warner Bros chose Justin Bieber and James Corden.”

(Bieber will make a guest appearance on the sitcom, sporting Ross Geller’s ‘Spudnik’ potato costume from season eight.)

The flurry of complaints continued, as users channelled their fury towards Corden and suggested his presence had put them off watching the hotly-anticipated comeback:

Even more moderate commentators weren’t happy with the choice:

However, some were quick to spring to the presenter and comedian’s defence, insisting he was well qualified to conduct the cast interviews and that he didn’t deserve such acrimony:

And others told the critics, bluntly, to move on:

Corden has yet to comment on the backlash, but we imagine he’s just wishing people would be a bit… friendlier.

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