Jennifer Lopez sparks backlash with ‘tone-deaf’ video trying to start a dance challenge
Twitter / @JLo

Jennifer Lopez’s attempt to start a viral dance trend backfired instantly.

The star’s ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing challenge’ was called “yet another tone deaf moment from Jenny from the Block”.

In a video debuting the dance challenge, J Lo can be seen walking along a beach pulling off various accessories, including her sunglasses, bracelet and coat, before tossing them behind her. She then appears to begin to take off her top before laughing and covering the camera.

But her nearly-naked attempt at self-promotion was not well received.

A Twitter user responded:

“You want us to rush to the beach in a [pandemic] to have our friends film us throwing away good jewelry? I’m so confused.”

The comment racked up more than 20,000 likes: more than Lopez’s original post.

The intention behind the video was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her second album, J. Lo, and its lead single ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’.

In the song’s original music video, Lopez sheds various possessions – including a bracelet and sunglasses – and dances on a beach.

So the logic’s there, but the timing felt… off. Especially given that we’re in a pandemic.

Also, given that it’s January, it’s currently really cold in lots of parts of the world.

So – not really the time to head to the beach and start shedding layers.

Some people found the challenge to come across as “inauthentic”.

Although a lot of work often does happen behind the scenes to create viral dance challenges, most of them at least have the appearance of coming about spontaneously. 

From Gal Gadot’s ‘Imagine’ video, to Kim Kardashian’s private island birthday party, celebrities have failed at being even remotely relatable during the pandemic. 

People are losing their jobs and businesses, as well as their lives.

So, we’re sorry J Lo, but now’s probably not the best time to start throwing your valuable possessions around on your local beach.

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