Limmy does impersonation of Richard E Grant so brutal the actor blocked him

Scottish comedian Brian Limond, better known as Limmy, did an impersonation of Richard E Grant so brutal that the legendary British actor blocked him on Twitter.

The tale began when Grant shared a video of his own reaction to the first screening of the new Star Wars film. Grant is in the movie but was still eager to share his thoughts on the latest installment of the franchise.

He said:

I’ve just seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and nothing prepares you for this.

I cheered, I shouted, I fist pumped the air, I cried, I stood and cheered.

It’s absolutely everything that you hoped it was going to be. I’m so proud to be in it and I can’t wait for you to see it.

Limmy posted his own video in which he repeated the monologue verbatim to the delight of his fans.

Grant was clearly unimpressed and responded by blocking Limmy for his temerity.

Hats off to the iconic Withnail actor, however, who was convinced to unblock the comedian.

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