Brad Pitt to set to drive race car at British Grand Prix

Brad Pitt to set to drive race car at British Grand Prix
Brad Pitt To Drive At Silverstone As Part Of New F1 Movie

Brad Pitt is set to drive an actual race car at the British Grand Prix this July at Silverstone as part of an upcoming film about Formula One.

The 59-year-old Hollywood actor will star in the project that involves director Joseph Kosinski, producer Jerry Bruckheimer as well as seven-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton who is a producer on the Apple Studios project.

In the untitled film, Pitt plays “a driver who comes out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie driver against the titans of the sport," according to the official logline.

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Ahead of the Miami Grand Prix this weekend, there was a panel about film at the F1 Accelerate Summit in the coastal city with Kosinski and Bruckheimer alongside panel moderator and F1 presenter Will Buxton.

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It was revealed that Kosinksi and Bruckheimer are "creating an 11th team filming on track and on event from Silverstone to the end of the year".

It was later clarified that the race car Pitt will most likely drive is a modified version of a junior F2 or F3 car. He will also not be racing against other drivers on the track, as per Variety.

That all makes sense, considering Pitt doesn't have a super license and the fact that it would be a health and safety nightmare.

But this information hasn't stopped F1 fans from creating memes at the thought of Pitt causing carnage on track if he drove a real F1 car in an actual race.

Indy Car racing driver Colton Herta also cracked a joke amid the news that Pitt will drive a race car at Silverstone - albeit when the track is empty with no drivers on the circuit.

Further details about the race car that's being used in the film have also emerged, with Buxton sharing that it was designed by Mercedes. There is also a camera installed to capture the footage for the film and it is "the smallest moveable 6k camera ever designed to take the viewer into the cockpit".

It was revealed that Hamilton is “advising on storyline and script to ensure it’s the most accurate racing film ever made".

The British Grand Prix will take place on July 9 at Silverstone, so we'll have to wait until then to see Pitt in action.

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