Martin Brundle bickers with Kylian Mbappé's security in awkward Monaco grid walk exchange

Martin Brundle bickers with Kylian Mbappé's security in awkward Monaco grid walk exchange
'I'm in charge here': Martin Brundle tells off Kylian Mbappe's security guard …
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Martin Brundle was determined to speak to Kylian Mbappé during the pre-race Formula 1 grid and informed one member of the footballer's security who tried to stop him: "I’m in charge around here!"

The Sky News broadcaster and former F1 driver is known for his chaotic grid walks throughout the F1 calendar as he goes around a jam-packed and star-studded grid to try and speak to celebrity guests attending the race, but they are not exactly always up for a chat...

At this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix, Mbappé could be seen on the grid with his security where one of his bodyguards attempted to ward off Brundle's attempt to interview the French forward.

But Brundle was having none of it as he told the security guard: "It’s alright mate, I’m in charge around here!"

Undeterred, he began to chat away to Mbappé: "Kylian, Martin Brundle – Sky F1. How you doing? I think he’s happy to talk…"

"Kylian, you up for a quick word on Sky. I think you’re fast enough to beat these cars down to the first corner!”

This prompted Mbappé to reply: “No no, I’m not faster than the cars! I just want to be here like a fan and enjoy the moment.”

Brundle then concluded: “Thank you for talking to us and your dear friend here!" as Mbappé walked off with his entourage.

F1 fans took to X, formerly Twitter to share some love for Brundle taking no nonsense and calling him a "national treasure."

It's the not first time Brundle has had some awkward celebrity encounters during his grid walks, as some previous instances include when Brad Pitt previously snubbed him, when he asked rapper Megan Thee Stallion for a “freestyle rap," the time Cara Delevingne refused to speak to him, and when Shaquille O'Neal had just a three-word response for him.

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