Couple spark debate after adding speeding ticket to wedding registry

Couple spark debate after adding speeding ticket to wedding registry
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A couple set to walk down the aisle have created a wedding registry ahead of their big day and it includes one unusual gift request - money to pay off a speeding ticket.

In the brief 15-second clip, TikToker and bride-to-be Annabelle (@imthatgurlneb) filmed her fiancé James as he added the outstanding fine to their online registry.

“Wedding in 26 days, the timing couldn’t be better," she joked in the on-screen text.

“James’s Speeding Ticket Fund, $231” was the title of the gift request on their registry.

James then clicked on “Gift Details” where he could add a note in the ticked fund for the guests to read with the simple to-the-point message: “PLEASE HELP!”

For the TikTok caption, Annabelle added: "The Knot, can we add the state of Oklahoma to our registry?”

“Feel free to support James in his down bad era on the Knot at Annabelle and James’s Wedding Registry.”


@The Knot can we add the state of oklahoma to our registry? feel free to support james in his down bad era on the knot at Annabelle and James’s Wedding Registry. #2023wedding #speedingticket #downbad #theknot #weddingregistry #weddingplanning #sendhelp #oklahoma #texas #sendcash #weddingseason

Since sharing this request, the video has gone viral with more than 367,000 views, while people sharing their thoughts in the comment section where many expressed their keenness to donate.

One person said: "I will donate for the plot. what's the link."

"Now this is a wedding gift I can get behind," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "If I donate can I come to the wedding."

"This is f****** hysterical and his groomsmen should pitch in together as a group gift," a fourth person commented.

While others shared how they had a similar experience to the couple.

"Haha yes! My husband got a speeding ticket while we were on the way to the courthouse for our marriage license!!" one person wrote.

Another person said: "Bruh, I totaled my car the day I bought the ring."

"My best friend got suspended for a month from work the day after he proposed. Life always finds a crazy way to keep things interesting," a third person replied.

Others didn't seem quite so impressed, though, with one writing: "Stop rn."

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