Dog who held new owner's hand all the way home has TikTok in bits

Dog who held new owner's hand all the way home has TikTok in bits
Poor dog trying to sleep with owners falls off bed in a …

TikTok is full of adorable videos of different pets, but there's one video of a dog holding the hand of his new owner that has stolen people's hearts recently.

TikToker Abigail (@abigailada12) recorded her journey home after adopting a dog named Loki, and the pooch was clearly content with his new owner.

During the 14-second clip, the cute hound looked at his new owner with love before taking in his surroundings inside the car.

“I adopted this dog and he held my hand the whole way home,” the caption read, “He’s such a sweet boy.”

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Of course, people's hearts melted at the clip as it went viral and received 7.2m views and 1.4m likes as viewers commented on how "emotional" the video made them feel.

One person wrote: "He’s saying 'I’ve waited my whole life for you.'"

"This makes me so emotional, they must feel so many of their own emotions on a ride home like this," another person said.

A third added: "So glad he's found his forever home, he knows he's safe now."

"The look said, 'Are you my hooman now?'" a fourth person commented.

Someone else replied: "He knows he has been chosen."


He’s such a sweet boy 🥰 #shelterdog #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #sweet #adoption #shelter #dogsoftiktok #muttsoftiktok

In a follow-up video, Abigail provided more details about Loki, and explained she works in a shelter where he came in.

“He was really sick, he was on anti-nausea medicines and everything like that and he needed somewhere to go home because he couldn’t stay at the clinic all the time. He was too sick to go back to the adoption floor."

She explained how her husband agreed that they could foster him "as long as you don't get attached."


Replying to @dietrat801 #greenscreen update on Loki!! Hes settling in great and happy to have a home. We repeated some bloodwork and are waiting on those results to make sure everything will be good. Let me know if anyone wants updates on him or the shelter pets!! #shelterdogs #rescuedog #update #adoptdontshop #vettechtok #shelter #dogsoftiktok #love #pitbullsoftiktok

“But I did get attached and I did want to keep him,” Abigail added, noting how Loki got on well with her other dogs and her son, as well as already being housetrained “and so I started begging for him and he kept telling me no no no”.

So Abigail did take him back and showed a photo of her and Loki looking upset back at adoption place.

“I called my husband again, one final plea, and he was like, fine bring him back home but don’t ask to foster any more animals,” she said, though she told him "I can't promise you that but I'll try my best".

"I got to keep him, hence the video of me driving back home with him and him holding my hand," Abigail noted, referring to the viral video.

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