Latest candid Kate Middleton video compared to infamous Bigfoot clip

Latest candid Kate Middleton video compared to infamous Bigfoot clip
Kate Middleton lookalike says 'it wasn't me' at the farm shop after …
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There have been so many stories about Kate Middleton recently, such as her whereabouts, that Mother's Day photo and her 'most realistic' lookalike.

Co-hosts of American talk show The View have added to that ever growing list, comparing the most recent sighting of Kate to that of Bigfoot.

The Sun posted a video of Kate enjoying a shopping trip at a farm shop in Windsor on March 19 and was dressed down in a hoodie and leggings along with husband Prince William in jeans, a coat and cap.

But Alyssa Farah Griffin wasn't having any of it.

Speaking on the show, she said: "It's grainy, it's like a Bigfoot sighting."

Sunny Houston chipped in too, saying: "That's not her. That's her body double. You know the royals have body doubles, y'all.

"If you really close in on that video - which I have done, I have done some internet sleuthing myself - it's very clear that the profile is not Kate.

"And if she really did have that abdominal surgery, why is she carrying that big, heavy bag?"

But Whoopi Goldberg countered: "I did try to explain to you that this is not something they're worried about over in London. They're not worried about it. We're the only ones who do this.”

The Princess of Wales has been front and centre in the public spotlight, having recently had abdominal surgery, hitting headlines for a poorly edited family photo posted on Mother's Day that had to be 'killed' and most recently being spotted enjoying a farm shop in Windsor with Prince William.

A total of 18 different errors with the Mother's Day photo of Kate with her three children George, Charlotte and Louis were highlighted by an expert and social media users after it was posted on X / Twitter and Instagram with Kate later apologising for 'any confusion caused'.

Recently, Dublin Airport combined the news events of Cillian Murphy becoming the first Irish-born actor to win the Best Actor award at the Oscars for his lead role in Oppenheimerand the photo of Kate and her children - and even struck again after that.

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