Out of all the Brexiteers currently in parliament, Mark Francois has to be the oddest and possibly most unpopular behind those in the Cabinet.

The Tory MP has risen to notoriety in the past 12 months for a series of quite frankly ridiculous comments, spats and public stunts.

Needless to say, the prominent Euro-sceptic has become something of a comedic figure, ripe for mockery in this time and it won't shock you to learn that it has happened again.

During Friday nights episode of Have I Got News For You, host Martin Clunes made reference to Francois objection to David Cameron's new memoirs, which the MP has said he will not be buying.

This isn't because he disagrees with the state in which Cameron left the country and the Tory party after the 2016 EU referendum. No, it's because he isn't mentioned once in any of the many, many pages.

Clunes noted this in a short joke about the 54-year-old which went a little something like this.

Arch-Tory-eurosceptic, Mark Francois, said he wouldn’t be buying Cameron’s memoirs because 'I went to the index, I went down to F & looked for my name & it wasn’t there.'

Should have looked under C, mate.

This absolutely brutal joke ignited a huge laugh from the audience and it has since made its way online where it is proving just as popular.

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