Woman admits she ‘catfished’ her boyfriend into a relationship on their first date

Woman admits she ‘catfished’ her boyfriend into a relationship on their first date

A woman has come clean on TikTok by admitting she initially catfished her boyfriend of two years and stood him up on their first date - only to turn up and approach him as herself.

TikToker @virgh0eeee made her catfish confession by writing out exactly what happened in a video and revealed he was still in the dark about this.

“Thinking about the time my friends and I made a catfish account on Bumble because I was too scared to talk to guys, ended up matching with this guy and he asked (catfish) me on a date for drinks

“So me and my friends went to the bar he was at and when he realized he got stood up and was about to leave, I approached him and started a [conversation].”

He told me he got stood up and I told him whoever stood him up was stupid, and bought him a drink,” she explained. “And now he’s been my boyfriend for two years and still doesn’t know I catfished him,

Since the TikToker posted her catfish confession, the video has been viewed 7.9m times, with 2.2m likes, and her elaborate story even gained the attention of MTV’s “Catfish” hosts Nev Schulman, 37, and Kamie Crawford, 29.

“I approve this message,” Schulman commented, proud of the TikToker for coming clean, while Crawford wrote: “I’ll allow it.”

“I’m not saying this is the right way to go about meeting the person of your dreams, but I have to hand it to this creator, it was very clever,” Crawford told The New York Post, and added that the TikTok “should just be herself” moving forward.

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Thousands of people also commented sharing their thoughts on the situation - and let’s just say people were divided.

Though, there were some that made it clear they weren’t impressed with the TikToker’s antics.

One person wrote: “If someone did this to me I’d be so betrayed.”

“I’m hoping this is a joke cause that’s actually insane imagine a man doing this to you,” another person said.

Someone else added: “If a man did this, it would be called manipulative.”

“I would honestly look at you so differently after finding that out,” a fourth person responded.

“Girl was playing chess and said checkmate,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “My toxic trait is thinking this is smart.”

“Girl bossed the correct distance from the sun girlie,” a fourth person added.

However, it seems the TikToker girl bossed a little too close to the sun because in an update she revealed her boyfriend didn’t take the news too well.

In the clip, she shows a text message allegedly from her boyfriend who sent her the link to her viral TikTok and asked: “This Fr? [for real].”

Taken aback, the TikToker could only reply with an embarrassed emoji and the boyfriend questioned if she catfished him, adding: “That’s weird bro.”

In a third update, she revealed in the video caption: “Yeaa I got dumped.”


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“He did not find this as funny as the people in the people in the comments,” the woman explained and said people’s comments on her original video had her thinking “maybe this is funny, maybe this is not creepy, maybe this is endearing and a story that we can tell our future children. Nope!”

Turns out, her now-ex-boyfriend has blocked, deleted and ignored her on social media but despite this, the woman seemed in good spirits adding: “But, you know what, it happens. It is what it is.”

Though the story didn’t even there, as the TikToker revealed she received messages from her ex in which he demanded her to remove the TikToks and also allegedly threatened to have his sister beat her up.

What a wild ride.

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