Radio host shocked to find out that chickens don't regenerate their wings

Radio host shocked to find out that chickens don't regenerate their wings
Chicken wing prices soar preceding Super Bowl Sunday

After news of a potential chicken wing shortage floated around during Super Bowl weekend, a sports radio host appeared to be shocked when he learned that chickens can't regenerate their wings like they can eggs.

In an attempt to solve the crisis, Shaun Morash, a co-host of Damon Amendolara's CBS Sports Radio show, TheD.A. Show, suggested clipping rooster and chicken wings.

"Well, you'd have to kill the entire rooster," said Amendolara.

"You clip one…," Morah began to say until Amendolara interjected with: "You think [wings] grow back."

This statement seemed to surprise Morash.

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"I'm not trying to make a stupid animal joke. I was under the impression that when we make the wings, the reason we have so many is we cut one wing off, and it does grow back," Morash said. "Like reptiles grow back stuff. Think about how many wings we have in the world…I thought the reason we do that is – boom, one wing, give it a couple of months and it's back clucking."

"Unlike a gecko's tail, a chicken does not regenerate its wings in a couple of months," Amendolara said while letting out a chuckle.

Morash reiterated his previous comment about roosters and added that he "learned something" new. Although it appears he was just joking around.

"Well, if that's not true, I learned something today, which is another goal of mine to learn something new every day. But I would say then if we have a shortage, get these roosters out, then we need the wings," he said.

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