Super Bowl 2022: Best adverts

Super Bowl 2022: Best adverts

Each year when NFL's Super Bowl comes around, viewers look out for the bold star-studded adverts during these expensive time slots, and this year was no different.

For the 2022 Super Bowl, millions watched Bic Lighters latest commercial starring Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.

Meanwhile, Uber Eats made their mark by featuring Gwenyth Paltrow who referenced her infamous This Tastes Like My Vagina-scented candles.

Lindsay Lohan was also able to make fun of former herself during her appearance in Planet Fitness’s ad, claiming the star has “never been sharper,” is sleeping better than ever and who has “traded DUIs for DIYs." (Much to the devastation of the paparazzi who appeared in tears at the news).

Elsewhere Quaker took inspiration from infamous beer adverts for their Super Bowl commercial with the apt tagline: "Pre-grain before the big game."

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