How to take the Cosmos Persona Personality Quiz

How to take the Cosmos Persona Personality Quiz

The Cosmos Persona quiz is taking over social media, but how do you take it and how accurate is it?

Personality tests often have TikTokers in a chokehold, with users keen to find out more about themselves. The viral “colour personality test” helped users find out their real “traits”, while the “Ktestone personality test” had some users feeling “attacked” by the accuracy of the results.

The Cosmos Persona Quiz is the latest to take the internet by storm and uses the analogy of space objects to teach people about themselves.

It was developed by Izon Falzo and is inspired by the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment.

How to take the Cosmos Persona Quiz

The quiz can be found on the CosmosPersona web page.

Once you start the quiz you will be asked a series of 12 questions that give you different fantasy scenarios and how you would respond.

For example, one question asks what kind of things you might think about on a bus journey home after a long day.

From there, the scenario grows stranger and you are asked to think about how you might react and select one of two options.

There are 16 different personality types that you can be, each invoking a space item. Some options include “Satellite”, “UFO” and “Black Hole”.

The quiz lists some of your most positive and negative traits and other personality types you are most strongly and weakly attracted to.


TikTokers have been sharing some of their results online.

One person wrote: “I got meteorite which was surprisingly accurate.”

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