Elon Musk claims his boundless energy comes from being ‘an alien’

Elon Musk claims his boundless energy comes from being ‘an alien’

Have you ever thought about how Elon Musk has all this enthusiasm? Well, some have suggested it is because he is an alien, and when we say some, we mean Musk himself.

He revealed this about himself in 2018 during an interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, which has since racked up 42 million YouTube views and people are still obsessed with it to this day.

Intended as a joke, people have wondered if this is actually true. The case for this is based on him being one of the world’s richest people and his plans to enable people to live on Mars.

He made the announcement after Rogan called him an “oddity” who is different from the average “chimp.”

Rogan asked the billionaire, “When I see you doing all these things, I’m like ‘How does this motherf***er have all this time, and all this energy, and all these ideas, and then people just let him do these things?’”

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“Because I’m an alien.” Musk responded.

Rogan loved this answer, who had previously had thoughts about the South African entrepreneur, who recently opened his new tunnel under Las Vegas.

“That’s what I’ve speculated. I’m on record, saying this in the past.

“I was like, ‘If there was one, maybe an intelligent being that we created, like some AI [artificial intelligence] creature, that’s superior to people, maybe it would just hang around with us for a while like you’ve been doing, then fix a bunch of s***’.”

Musk then spoke about that his intelligence is “not bad for a human” but did not “hold a candle to AI.”

While being a few years old, people are still referencing this exchange to this day.

A month ago, someone commented underneath the clip “’I’m an alien.’ A comment we should all take very serious.”

This assertion gathered over 1,300 likes and a lot of agreement, with one person replying “Ye, I’m also very worried about this.”

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