GB News producer claims barber deliberately gave him 'uneven hairline' after discovering where he worked

GB News producer claims barber deliberately gave him 'uneven hairline' after discovering where he worked
GB News broadcaster claims it's hard to know 'who the bad guys ...
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A television producer has taken to social media to complain after claiming that a barber deliberately gave him an 'uneven hairline' after discovering that he worked for GB News.

Christian Mitchell works as an executive TV Producer on the channel and lists the programme Breakfast with Eamonn & Isabel, Stephen & Ann on his Twitter profile.

He posted two pictures of a shoddily finished haircut, with a crooked line on the top of his neck.

“I’ve just had a haircut end abruptly, leaving me with an uneven hairline after I said I worked for @GBNEWS,” he wrote.

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“I won’t name the salon as that’s not fair to other professionals who work there but blimey, to take your politics out on someone’s hair!”

James O’Brien was one of the people who replied to the post, with the presenter writer: “Sorry to see this, Mitch. Perhaps they thought you wanted it one-sided?”

Others were just as unsympathetic, with one joking: “Shouldn't you be used to someone leaving part way through a job?”

Another added: “Please do name them. I could do with a haircut and they seem like the sort of people who deserve business from good people.”

Some were appalled by the barber’s behaviour, though, with one saying: “I’m a barber and honestly this is pretty vile tbh. I have every walk of politics and life through our doors and unless someone’s a massively offensive c*** whilst in the shop I don’t care.”

The post comes as GB News nears its first year on air, and it’s been a chaotic one for the new channel. It was hit with a string of early technical problems as well as advertising boycotts and the departure of Andrew Neil.

In its first 12 months, GB news has played host to controversial takes from the likes of Nigel Farage, while its producers are now allegedly resorted to "booking their own parents" to get guests on its shows.

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