Move over Elf on a Shelf - Mark Zuckerberg might be better at figuring out which children are naughty or nice this holiday season.

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel showcased a Christmas parody, which featured Zuck on a Truck, a puppet version of the Facebook founder dressed as an Elf from the North Pole.

In the skit, Zuck cruises around a home on his truck - casually spoiling Christmas surprises by revealing what’s inside various wrapped boxes thanks to the company’s powerful data-gathering operation.

In one scene, Zuck on a Truck rolled up to a child shaking up a Christmas present to guess what was inside and revealed that they were “mittens from Macy’s” and “one size too small”.

Later in the video, a voice-over said that Zuck was also able to use “his yuletide algorithm to connect all the naughty children” in the area.

It was a clear reference to the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

The next shot showed children dressed up in MAGA hats and holding the American flag as they shouted, “storm the tree,” and pushing past a startled parent.

One child even had their face painted and wore a horned helmet (similar to Jacob Chansley, the QAnon shaman).

“With the power of Facebook’s massive database, your personal Mark Zuckerberg knows absolutely everything,” the voice-over said.

The narrator said Zuck on a Truck can tell who’s been “naughty or nice”, all the websites you stumbled upon, places you lived and every “schoolmate you’ve stalked”.

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People found the parody hilarious and “frighteningly true” all at once.

Elf on a Shelf is a relatively new Christmas tradition. The Elf on a Shelf kit comes with an Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition book and a Scout Elf.

The story is that Santa’s Scout Elves fly to the North Pole each night of December to report back to Santa and let him know if the children are on the best behaviour or not.

Afterwards, the elves fly back to the children’s homes and hide in a new spot for them to discover them the following day.

Usually, the Scout Elves hide in sneaky spots around the house and enjoy causing mischief.

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